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1. Insulated enclosure is recommended for the following:

  • Cold climates because it helps saves fuel
  • Cuts interior noise of heating fans
  • Reduces possibility of moisture condensation in enclosure when drying below 40 degrees F
  • Helps to keep inside of enclosure clean

2. Heat in the Cooling:

  • Must be used on Rice Dryers, White Edible Bean Dryers, most types of Seed Dryers, Pea Dryers, most Bean Dryers, low stress Corn Dryers for processing, and other sensitive crops

3. Fuel Source: Natural Gas, LP, or Steam Coils

​    A. LP will require an external vaporizer (ask for more details and see quote)

​    B. Steam Coils requires you to have a steam generation system in place to supply steam to the grain dryer.

​    C. You must notify QED personnel if what fuel source you will use, so your grain dryer is designed specifically to your needs.

4. 575, 380, 415, 480 Volt motors & controls (230/460V is our standard)

5. 50 Cycles (Standard is 60 Cycles)

6. CSA Wiring for Canada

​7. Field Testing with TSSA in Canada

8. A delay relay that shuts down fans and all power after dryer has a 45 minute cool down period

9. Optional discharges available prior to dryer manufacturing (screw conveyor is our standard)

10. Oversized gear reducers and motors for future expansion

Customizing Options:

Expansion Planning

This is an example of a customer who wanted the option of adding a second module later. He purchased his first module in 2010 and set up the second section of concrete to add a second module later. In 2013, he added the second module. 

Heat in the Cooling option adds a small burner with the cooling fan.