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About QED Dryer Sales & Mfg., Inc. Continuous Flow Grain Dryers

Providing farm professionals with the tools to improve their harvest by preserving and increasing their grain quality.

The birth of QED came about when in 1979, Steven Morreim, working for Chicago Eastern, designed a grain dryer that would beat all other dryers on fuel efficiency. With his years of experience with filtration systems with Carter Day in Minneapolis, MN combined with his Masters in Physics, Steve created a one-of-a-kind heat recycling continuous mixed-airflow grain dryer called the miniMAX. Then in 1986, the owner of Chicago Eastern offered Steve their dryer lines, which Steve purchased and started QED Dryer Sales & Mfg., Inc. Taking the QED terminology from physics which means "it is proven," Steve decided to make it stand for Quality, Efficiency, & Dependability. In 1987, Steve developed the Profit Master 629 series, making the dryer line larger.

In 2012, Steve redesigned the milo rack system to be long horizontal louvers, increasing the airflow and making the modules higher in capacity. Our new Grain Dryer Line is the Blue Gem, named for its "diamond tough" design and Steve's love for his wife. Janet's initials are JEM and our dryer is blue and silver, so Steve named it the Blue Gem because Janet is the "gem of his heart." The tallest module is named the Blue Diamond series or D1050 series. The shorter dryer is the Blue Sapphire series or the S725 series.

Steve has built his family-owned and operated company with his wife, Janet Morreim; his daughters, Nicole Fruit, Stephanie Gorham, and Tiffeny Morreim; and his son, Eric Morreim. Being with Steve every step of the way, Janet manages the office and customer service. Nicole has spent 20 years with QED. She's been learning the QED Grain Dryer by starting with drilling parts, to assembling control panels, to shop production management as Executive Vice President. Eric, with his Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Sales, also started in assembly, but now hits the road talking to customers and potential customers alike.